café in paris & French pastry shop

Reception Table + 「巴黎咖啡館 及 古董洋菓子店」package

$12,880 ( 3 hours services) 

Paris is full of graceful cafe & good mood! Have you ever think about that you can set up your own Parisian café & French pastry shop with french antique furniture  in your wedding / event venue . The guests can enjoy our high quality hand drip coffee , and just like shopping in the French pastry shop , to experience the real French touch . 



Café in Paris

Unlimited Hand Drip Coffee Bar


French Pastry Shop


no.1 café in paris

Unlimited Hand Drip Coffee stand 

IMG_5487 (1).JPG

No. 2 French CAfe coffee table & chairs

( French antique decoration & photo shooting area) 

-French antique Cafe outdoor folding chairs x 2

- French antique Cafe round table x 1 

-French newspapers

- A pair of coffee cups with Bride & Groom's name in Calligraphy 



No.3 French Pastry Shop

-Macaron (馬卡龍 )

-Madeleine (瑪德蓮)

-Hand make cookies (手工曲奇) 

-Palmier (法式蝴蝶酥)


Reception Table decor 

-welcome table with French antiques 


Café in Paris

- unlimited hand drip coffee

-own paper cups w/ name of wedding / event

- barista x 1

-French antique cafe chairs x2 & table x1 / french newspaper


French pastry shop

- French pastry shop ( macaron, madeleine, hand make cookies & palmier)


Total Amount : $12,880